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X-SEAL Anchor

The X-SEAL® Anchor features a patented pronged leg design that seals the sheathing from air and moisture. - Pronged legs bridge the sheathing and abut the steel stud, affording independent, positive anchorage. - Compression of the sheathing by positive loads is also prevented. - Pronged legs are rib-stiffened and oriented closer to each other, enhancing the compressive strength by over 20%. - Owners, architects and masons can be confident in over 3 decades of proven strength and performance. - Capable of withstanding 100# working loads in tension and compression without deforming or developing play in excess of 0.05”. - Provides 100% protection against separation of wire tie from anchor (See Code TMS 402/602). - Installed before the veneer allowing for easy on-site inspection. - Secures insulation to the backup better than staples or screws. - Meet or exceed requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code for air leakage and water penetration. Contact H&B’s technical department for test results. Standard Sizes: Available in leg lengths from ½” - 4½” to accommodate wallboard and/or insulation. Finishes: Hot-Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel (Type 304). U.S. Patents: 6,925,768; 6,941,717; 7,587,874; 7,845,137 & 7,562,506 CAN. Patents: 2,458,008 & 2,458,012. Other Patents Pending. An innovative single-screw veneer tie for metal stud construction. - Fabricated from Zamac zinc with a premium quality organic polymer coating. - Has a dual-diameter barrel with factory-installed EPDM washers to seal both the face of the insulation and the air/vapor barrier. - Improvement over single barrel types which only seal at the insulation and render the vapor barrier susceptible to air and moisture infiltration if not precisely installed (perfectly perpendicular to the stud). - The dual-barrel has an integrated #12 self-drilling screw. - The projecting eyelet accepts the 2-Seal™ Byna-Lok ® Wire Tie. - Barrel portion available in 5/8”, 1”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 3½”, 4”, 4½”, 5”, 5½”, 6”, and 6½” lengths to accommodate insulation/wallboard (sheathing). For concrete, CMU, masonry or wood stud backup applications, please use Concrete 2-Seal™ Tie. For steel stud with wood or gypsum sheathing, use Standard 2-Seal™ Tie. U.S. Patent: 8,037,653. CAN. Patent: 2,690,819. Other Patents Pending.

2-Seal ™ Tie

Installation chuck adapter sold separately.


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