Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog





ST-12 Insert is cast into concrete walls to accept stone anchors.

ST-4 Brick relief angle at concrete beam.

Sharktooth Insert has various applications and is capable of developing working loads up to 8,000#/ft. in both shear and tension. It is adjustable along virtually its entire length, and also allows in and out adjustment, while still resisting shear and tension loads. Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized or Type 304 Stainless Steel (Type 316 available on special order). It is fabricated in lengths from 3” to 12’-0” long, and can be custom designed for project-specific applications, such as radii or specific lengths. The Sharktooth Insert is a new, labor-saving, pre-engineered, high-strength insert from H&B. - Serrated shark-tooth design allows insert to resist high vertical shear loads (eliminates potential for vertical slip due to inadequate bolt torque, as with wedge style inserts). - Rebar interference not an issue (unlike post-installed expansion bolts). - Additional rebar hairpins not required to develop published working loads. - Allows for vertical adjustment along full length of insert. - Welded connections not required. Nut or bolt connection into insert allows for easy installation and adjustment. - Bolting hardware is U.S. standard thread (metric thread can be difficult to source).

- Custom design available for special load requirements. Sharktooth Insert Patent # D724769. Other Patents Pending.



CSH-4 cast into the underside of the concrete slab to accept pipes, ductwork, mechanical equipment, etc.

CSH-R cast into radial concrete to accept handrails.

CSH INSERTS meet the demand for a high strength continuous slotted insert for use in applications requiring high working loads.


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