Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog


Hohmann & Barnard’s Concealed Lintel Systems are individually designed and engineered to fit even the most intricate and complex architectural requirements. Architects can feel free to incorporate this distinctive feature into prestigious edifices for projects such as Places of Worship, Libraries, Schools, University Buildings, or wherever the design calls for stately and enduring elegance.

- Every concealed lintel system is custom designed and engineered to meet the unique architectural and structural requirements of individual projects. - Hohmann & Barnard provides all necessary drawings, calculations, and components. - The opportunities for Architectural Creativity are virtually limitless.

- Designers can incorporate various masonry courses, spans, offsets and soffit widths. - Freedom to select various sizes and colors of brickwork. - No further maintenance is required – all steel is unexposed when finished. - Designed, Engineered and Fabricated in the USA!

Finishes : Hot-Dip Galvanized or 304 Stainless Steel.

Flat Spine

Arched Spine

Surface Mounted Arch

Conveniently fastens directly to the structural backup (no spine required). Common Uses: Segmented Arch, Elliptical Arch, “Vee” Style Arches.

Provides the classic curved arch look for any project and allows the designer many options. Common Uses: Semi-Circular Arch, Bonded Semi-Circular Arch, Paladin Style Arch, Gothic Arch.

Can be engineered for various widths, spans, brick types and veneer loads. Common Uses: Flat Arch, Bonded Flat Arch, Jack Arch and, Bonded Flat Arch.

Material Conformance Carbon Steel

Hot-Dip Galvanized

Stainless Steel

ASTM A123 /A123M ASTM A153/A153M-B2

ASTM A36 / A36M

ASTM A276, ASTM 240, ASTM A66


For material conformances, submittal sheets, CAD drawings and SDS sheets visit: www.h-b.com

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