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The Panel-Lok ® re-anchoring system is an easy to use, mechanically activated, cost-effective method to re-connect existing stone panel veneers to various substrates. Anchors are manufactured of AISI Type 300 series austenitic stainless steel and ASTM Type 360 brass for a corrosion-resistant tie assembly. They are either torque activated or hammer set, which provides a method of inspection for the backup connection. Field testing can easily be performed by direct tension or toque after installation is complete. The backup anchorage system and the veneer connection method develop performance characteristics similar to the original stone anchoring requirements. The expanders are integrated with a stainless steel shaft and various hex or screw attached heads for the stone veneer connection. They are available in a variety of lengths, and can be custom manufactured upon request. Basic Applications Use where there is a need to re-attach existing stone panel veneers less than 3 inches thick that require additional restraint or support to resist live and dead loads. These Panel-Lok anchors accommodate bilateral live-load resistance, unidirectional forces, support loading, and combinations of all types. The backup anchorage system may dictate the style of anchorage required.

600-TGL Series Anchor

600 Series Anchor

Uni-directional loading to restrain stone panel to solid backup.

Bilateral loading to restrain stone panel to solid backup.

T Series Anchor

610 Series Anchor

Torque activated, support and restrain stone panel to solid backup with or without cavity.

Restrain stone panel to hollow and solid backup.

610-S-TGL Series Anchor

Large H Series Anchor

Bilateral loading to restrain soft-stone panel to steel backup.

Stabilize stone panel to concrete backup (3/8”, ½”, ¾” diameter).

Small H Series Anchor

Stabilize stone panel to concrete backup (1/4” diameter).


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