Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog



333 Omegaseal ™ Water Repellent

This is a split face block sealer with heavy duty solids that can be applied year-round at 20°F and above. The series of water repellents provides hydrophobic protection to masonry surfaces through the formation of a semi-permeable membrane. - Flexible membrane remains intact through thermal movement of the masonry, rejects water in the solid state and allows for moisture vapor transmission. - Unique blend of silicone polymers provides maximum resistance to destruction from ultraviolet light and acid rain. - VOC Compliant formulations available.

Product Solution:

Use for clay and concrete brick, concrete block, highly porous natural stone, L&S stone and other manufactured stone. Covers 75-100 sq. ft./gal. Use for extremely porous block (hollow core split faced) with or without integral waterproofing. Covers 50-100 sq. ft./ gal. 2 coats required for warranty consideration

333-E 10%

333-L 20%


606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover

Designed to dissolve and remove oil and lead base paints, latex paints and varnishes from masonry and metal exterior surfaces under normal conditions. - Diedrich 606 paint remover is a specially thickened potassium hydroxide solution which is both biodegradable, when neutralized, and soluble in water. - The product is applied without dilution. A thick coat of remover may dwell from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the number of layers and the types of paint. - On masonry, use Diedrich 101/101G as an after-wash to clean the dirt and residue that may be left after the paint removal. - Use 200, 202, or 707N to neutralize wood surfaces. Product should not be diluted. Typical Coverage Rates: 50 to 100 sq. ft./gal.

Anti-Graffiti System

The Diedrich Anti-Graffiti System consists of protective and removal components. The 333 Omegaseal TM delivers graffiti protection, creating a membrane that protects against penetration of most common materials used by vandals. When a protected surface has been attacked, the graffiti can be removed with 606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover , assisted by high-pressure water, re-application of 333

Omegaseal will be required after removal of graffiti. Graffiti is easily removed from the protected surface.


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