Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog




Liquid-Flash™ is formulated using a high performance silyl-terminated polyether polymer technology (STPE). It is a single component, moisture cure elastomeric waterproofing membrane that is applied and tooled to create a long-term moisture proof barrier. Because Liquid-Flash™ is 100% solids it will not shrink or crack. It is compatible with most common building materials, including concrete, plywood, concrete masonry, brick, gypsum sheathing, wood and cement based sheathings. Coverage Rates: Typical coverage is 20-30 lineal feet per 20 oz. sausage at a recommended 12-25 mil coating. Bonds To Wet Substrates.

- Bonds to wet substrates. - Resistant to UV degradation & weathering. - Water resistant prior to cure, will not out gas or wash off. - Excellent physical properties. - Prevents moisture transmission. - Excellent perm rating.

- Excellent unprimed adhesion to various substrates. - Breathable, allows damp surfaces to dry. - VOC compliant: contains no solvents, phalates or isocyanate’s. - Low odor, eco-friendly formulation. - Fills joints & voids.

Applications: Window & Door Flashing, Sheathing Joint Sealant, Membrane Termination Sealant, Joint Sealant, Air Barrier Transitions.

X-SEAL ® Membrane

X-SEAL® Membrane Self-Sealing, Self-Adhering Detail tape provides a durable seal around doors and windows and can be used to seal joints, seams, holes and other undesirable openings in wall systems. It resists the elements with unfailing performance and prohibits harsh environmental conditions from invading a structure. - Heavy-duty adhesive, made from a proprietary synthetic rubber compound, integrally bonded to a high strength woven polyethylene/polypropylene film. - Will not rot, crack, or leach, like rubberized-asphalt adhesives. - UV resistant for up to 90 days. - Asphalt-free. Available Sizes: 3”, 4”, or 6” wide x 75 ft. long rolls. Other widths (up to 36”) available upon request. Patents Pending.


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