Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog


120 Truss-Mesh

130 Truss-Tri-Mesh

140 Truss-Twin-Mesh

220 Ladder-Mesh

230 Ladder-Tri-Mesh

240 Ladder-Twin-Mesh

- Butt-welding of cross rods to longitudinal rods (not more than 16”o.c.) enhances bonding capabilities, eliminates projection of cross rods beyond the specified width of reinforcement, and prevents excessive height of wire in limited mortar joints. - Continuous deformation along each longitudinal rod for superior bonding performance. Standard Sizes: (S) Standard: 9 ga. side rods x 9 ga. cross rods. (SHD) Super Heavy Duty: 3/16” side rods x 3/16” cross rods. (EH) Extra Heavy: 3/16” side rods x 9 ga. cross rods. Finishes: Mill Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, and Stainless Steel.

Truss-Mesh and Ladder-Mesh are continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joint of masonry walls. Joint reinforcement has long proven to be necessary for superior performance of masonry wall construction. - Greatly reduces cracking that can arise from thermal stresses. This enhances resistance to water penetration, as cracks are controlled. - Increases lateral flexural strength. - Bonds exterior and interior masonry wythes together in composite or cavity walls. Also bonds masonry at intersecting walls and corners. - Increases elasticity and performance of masonry walls under various stresses.

Continuous Wire

Continuous wire used in masonry veneer walls helps to provide additional protection against thermal expansion and contraction problems. The wire must be embedded into the mortar joints of anchored veneer walls, per the Uniform Building Code for seismic zones. The wire is secured to the tie anchor, which is fastened to the supporting structure. Continuous wire can be integrated into several of our masonry joint reinforcement or anchor systems: Seismiclip® Interlock System (S.I.S), Byna-Lok® Wire Tie, Seismic Hook Sizes: 9 ga., 3/16” dia., or 1/4” dia.


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