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Copper Composite Flashing

Copper-Fabric™ NA and Copper-Fabric™ SA come are provided as easy-to- use, color-coded material, so you can quickly find the right solution for the job with less inventory. Copper Color Code: - 3 oz. Copper: GREY - 5 oz. Copper: RED - 7 oz. Copper: BEIGE Available in 25 ft. rolls: 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 32” & 36” wide. Other sizes available upon request. U.S. Patents: 6,928,780 and 6,945,000. Other Patents Pending. Copper-Fabric™ NA is a composite membrane consisting of a polyethylene film laminated to BOTH sides of a 3, 5, or 7 oz. copper sheet to create a superior flashing that can also serve as a drip edge. - Suitable for thru-wall or surface-mount applications. - UV-resistant for up to 120 days. - Highly resistant to oils and will repel most chemicals - Extremely tough, with excellent impact and tear resistance. - Maintains flexibility in extreme heat or cold weather environments. - Asphalt-free composition compatible with a wide variety of sealants. Use with Primer-SA™ & HB Sealant for best results (see page 54 for more information).

Copper-Fabric ™ NA

Surface Mount

Copper-Fabric ™ SA

Copper-Fabric™ has all of the same great features of the standard Copper NA flashing with the added benefit of a self-adhesive layer on one side. - Pressure-sensitive, clear adhesive. - Will not seep like other self-adhesive “peel and stick” bituminous based flashings. - Remains UV-resistant for up to 120 days.

Thru-wall shown with copper end dam

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