Hohmann & Barnard 2023 Product Catalog



Drip Plates/Edges

DP Our Standard Drip Plate/Edge, furnished with a smooth, factory- formed hemmed edge for installation safety and uniform appearance. Fabricated from 304 Stainless Steel (316 Special Order). Also available in copper and lead-coated copper. Standard DP Drip Plates are with all H&B flashing products. DP-LB Same as above, for lip brick conditions. For corner pieces, reference “inside” or “outside” with above product numbers.

Flex-Flash ™ Flashing

Standard Brick

Drip Plate/ Edge

Relief Angle


Neoprene Sponge

Lip Brick Style

Backer Rod

Available Sizes: 1-1/2” or 3” wide by 10 ft. long (other widths available on request). U.S. Patent: 6,584,746. Other Patents Pending.

Drip Plate/Edge Corners

Drip Plate/Edge Inside and Outside Corners are pre-formed pieces with a smooth, uninterrupted, hemmed drip edge to maintain the integrity of the flashing system.

Outside Lip Brick Style

Inside Corner


For material conformances, submittal sheets, CAD drawings and SDS sheets visit: www.h-b.com

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