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Designed for a filled cavity condition, the backup is reinforced with truss type reinforcement. - The mason then places the vertical rod into the collar joint by hooking onto the extended truss cross rod. - Rubble stone can be tied easily to the backup using 195/295 Vee Byna-Ties ® .

- Horizontal mortar joints do not have to align. U.S. Patent No. 8,375,667. Other Patents Pending.


For use with cavity and insulated walls. The projecting boxes with factory-welded restraint bars prevent in-and-out movement of wire ties. - Modified Vee Byna-Tie® accepts a vertical J-Hook, preventing in-and-out movement of the masonry tie and allowing maximum vertical adjustability. - Ties can be placed wherever the horizontal mortar joint lies without reconfiguring the stone materials. - Available for any wall size. State block, insulation, cavity and rubble stone sizes when ordering. - Ladder style also available (Product Tie-HVR-295V). U.S. Patent No. 8,375,667. Other Patents Pending.


For cavity/insulated walls and stud backup. Tie-HVR-195VB is ideal for use on concrete, CMU, metal stud or when masonry backup is already in place and a new veneer is being installed. - L-shaped plate is sized for any thickness of insulation, and has a slotted hole to accept the vertical J-Hook. - Uses the 195/295 Vee Byna-Tie ® . - State insulation, cavity and rubble stone sizes when ordering. U.S. Patent No. 8,904,725. Other Patents Pending.

TIE-HVR Series Size Availability: (S) Standard : 9 ga. side rods x 9 ga. cross rods. (SHD) Super Heavy Duty: 3/16” side rods x 3/16” cross rods.

Projecting box portion (195V or 295V) available 9 ga. or 3/16” dia. Finishes: Hot-Dip Galvanized or 304 Stainless Steel (316 Special Order).


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